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Here we build ships.

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Stand on our breakfast deck looking out over the harbor, and then gaze to your right. The wooden masts you see belong to the HMS Bounty. Built as a prop for the 1962 film, it was destined to be burnt after the movie. When he found out, that $%@& Pain-In-The-Butt Marlon Brando decided that if they burnt the ship, he would not make the movie.

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Yankee Magazine’s Favorites

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Well, the results are in . . . What are Yankee Magazine’s Top 20 best attractions in Maine? Well, you’ll find 2 of the right here in the Boothbay Region.

Burnt Island Lighthouse in Boothbay Harbor.

The Burnt Island Lighthouse here in Boothbay Harbor was rated the best Lighthouse tour, and with more than 60 Lightouses on our coast, that’s a pretty big deal.

Only accessible by boat, you can join a small cast ...

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