Breakfast of Champions

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Buy Local. Hire Local. But more important, we here the Welch House believe that we should be making a personal commitment to our State and the people that live here.

Elle Logan, from Boothbay Harbor, shows off her gold medal after the 2008 Olympics
Elle Logan
Olympic Gold Medal Winner 2008 & 2012

This is Elle. She was both a housekeeper and a front Desk Clerk for us in 2006. Like many of the local young woman that we employ, she was a hard worker that put 110% into her job. Smart and quick to pick up new skills, Elle was a really, really good employee.

It wasn’t all puppy dogs and ice cream, though. Like most young people her age, Elle had her share of post-adolescent issues, some of which we actually saw resolved during her tenure. I’m sure that some of those issues are still waiting to be addressed.

The point is, we were, and are still, committed to hiring local high-school and college kids to staff us through the summer. While most of our peers hire foreign workers for the season, we feel an obligation to look for local talent. The resulting staff may offer its own unique challenges, but we find a way to work through the drama and still provide an excellent service for our guests.

There are times when I think that Tammy, Susan and I are the only stable (me, stable?) adults in some of these kid’s lives. Molested girls, teen mothers, college honor students, confused kids. They are all part of the family.

They tell us their problems while we’re making breakfast and stay after their shift to talk with Tammy.

They grow up, they finish school, they get married, and they live their lives. They come and visit, when they can. They bring their husbands, sometimes their babies. They tell us about their new lives, their jobs, and their dreams.

We are so proud of each and everyone of them.

And then there’s Elle proving to each and every one of these kids that you can grow up in Maine, you can get a good education, and if you work really, really hard, you can win gold.

Thank you, Elle. I’m proud to have been a part of your life, and I am grateful that you were part of ours.