The World is Mine Oyster

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In my last blog I talked about our buddies at Wicked Joe, and how important we thought it was to buy and serve as much fresh, local food that you could.

In Boothbay Harbor, we are lucky enough to live in the middle of a good food galaxy, and Ralph & Elena Smith are going where no Foodie has gone before. At least in Boothbay Harbor.

Their latest dream is Mine Oyster, a Raw Bar and Gathering Place with room for Wedding Parties, Family reunions or any other function that deserves excellent food and a great atmosphere.

The Worlds Mine Oyster, so sayth Ralph & Elena
Mine Oyster,
the new Raw Bar in Boothbay Harbor

Susan and I were lucky enough to get a tour the other evening when we were chatting with Ralph at MacSeagulls. Located in the same building the housed J. H. Hawks, it sits on Pier One, right next door to MacSeagulls.

The ground floor is going to be the Raw Bar, and it’s open and full of light. The walls have some very clever oyster quotes from historical figures and artists wonderfully lettered and the style reminded me right away of being in a Gasthause. Several bars are clustered around the Raw Bar Chef’s station, so you know you can have a beer with your oysters and chat with the Shucker to boot. That, boys and girls, is very cool.

Upstairs is twice the size of the downstairs, and has a dance floor. When not being used for a wedding, this will be “Night Club” in the true sense of the word. Ralph is talking about utilizing more local bands and having live music there pretty much through the season. Wa-hoo.

The facilities pale in comparison, though, because the menu is what is going to make this place sing. Listen to this . . .

Well, first of all, they have oysters. Oysters Moscow, Oysters Ginger, Oysters Granita, Oysters Rockefeller, Oysters Mexican, Oysters Roman, Oysters Spanish, Oysters Parmesan, Oysters Fire & Ice, Oysters Blue Cheese & Bacon. They have them steamed in wine, along with Little Necks, Mussels, Snow & King Crab and, of course, Lobster.

Lobster Cocktails, just the Tails, just the Claws. I’m a dark meat guy, so just give me the tails, OK? Ralph is also offering Sushi. Nigiri & Sashimi. I am absolutely giggling right now!

Ralph is looking at opening Mine Oyster in time for Fisherman’s Festival, so when you come up, we’ll see you down there.


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