The Genuine Goodness of Mr. & Mrs. Smith

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I’m going to keep this one short and sweet.

I attended the Ocean Classroom benefit yesterday at McSeagull’s, andĀ I need to thank Ralph & Elena Smith, yet again.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Their kindness and generosity are legendary, and there are very few people in Boothbay Harbor that haven’t contributed to orĀ received something from one of their benefit campaigns.

Thanksgiving is one of their larger projects, and after a few short years has become a tradition in this town. Image a free Thanksgiving Dinner. Yup. Free. A portion large enough for you to have leftovers to take home. “Everyone needs Thanksgiving leftovers.” Elena says, “You have to make a sandwich tomorrow”.

What’s the catch? There is a big pickle jar by the front door, and as you leave you are invited to put whatever you think is fair in the jar. That money will go to the food pantry, or any one of a number of other organizations.

But that is just one example. Ralph & Elena can be counted on to bring all of their resources to bear to make these functions a success; They had printed the menus with special nautical terms for the brunch yesterday and researched trivia questions for a special presentation. They went above and beyond. Again.

I admire them a lot. So does everyone else that I know in this town.

Thank you, again.


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