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I can’t vouch for the rest of the country, but here in New England (and especially in Maine), not only do we eat out alot, but we also eat outside alot. Sometimes we even eat alot outside, but that’s for another post, OK?

As soon as the snow melts, we’re looking for a picnic spot. I’m serious. Sometimes we don’t even wait for the snow to melt, wiping the snow off of outside furniture hoping to get a fairly dry seat. Because we’re eating outside from early Spring through early Winter, I thought I would present to you . . .

My favorite decks. (By the way, these decks are in no particular order. I love all my decks equally.)

View from the Boathouse Bistro Deck

Ah . . . the view from the Boathouse Bistro.

Here I’m sitting in my seat, looking out over Romar’s Bowling Ally, across the footbridge and over to the east side of the harbor. If you can take the climb up three flights of stairs, (You can stop to catch your breath or grab a libation on the second floor). The view is worth it.

Oh, and in addition to the view being easy on the eyes, the Boathouse Bistro serves an incredible selection of Spanish Tapas. Ask Mark for a taste of the House Sangria. Go for the red.

Another deck that we adore is at the The Lobster Dock

View from the Lobster Dock Deck toward the west side of Boothbay Harbor

This is a really special deck (and dock). Not only is the seafood extraordinary, and as fresh as it can get (Mitch buys ALL of his seafood himself), but you can also get an excellent steak (Susan gets the Lobster Roll, I get the Steak).

In this shot we’re looking across the harbor to the west side during Windjammer’s Days. The harbor will have anywhere from six to a dozen or more windjammers from all over New England converging for several days of celebration. This year look for the ships to be in to the Harbor on June 21 & 22, 2011.

Remember when I said I loved all of my decks equally? I lied.

View from the Welch House Inn top Deck

My favorite deck is our own. Here’s the top deck at the Welch House looking out over the harbor. This is the absolute perfect place to catch the sunrise or spend some time with a coffee or a glass of wine enjoying the view over Boothbay Harbor. While I may not serve breakfast there (you can have breakfast on our other deck!), you are more than welcome to picnic there anytime. We are open all year.

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