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What We Do


Multi-Channel Campaigns; Art Direction; Loyalty Programs, Lead Generation Programs, Collateral Design and Production, Brochures, Events

Branding & Messaging

Brand Development, Logo and Corporate Identity Packages, Visual Identity Guidelines, Key Message Hierarchy, Boilerplates, Audience Surveys, Message Testing


MarCom Planning, Writing, Public Relations, Donor/Alumni/Member/Customer/Volunteer Outreach, Newsletters, Social Media, Website Evaluation and Strategy, Annual Reports


Annual Appeals, Capital Campaigns, Donor Relations, Crowdsourcing, Donor Database Implementation, Foundation Research, Grant Applications, Corporate Sponsorships

Business Strategy & Positioning

Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Business Performance Reporting, Customer/Audience Surveys, Distribution Strategy, Positioning, 3-5 Year Plans

Business Processes

Process and Resource Analysis, Recommendations for Process Improvement, Software Tools Evaluation, Comparison and Implementation, Employee Education and Staff Training

do any of these problems sound familiar?
consider the advantages of using Comprend consulting services

You have a smart board, a willing director, and a pool of eager volunteers, but none of them has marketing expertise, and it's holding you back.

You're going to need all hands on deck in order to meet your objectives over the next 3-6 months, but hiring extra staff is not in the budget.

The board seems to share a common vision, but you've had difficulty making progress toward achieving it, and can't understand why.

Your marketing materials lack consistency and the designer you've been using doesn't seem to be able to help.

Our Recent Projects

how we engage

Getting to Know You

We'll discuss basics over the phone, then meet with one or more staff or board members to understand your needs and requirements, including challenges, resources, timeframe, and budget.

You Can Quote Me

The result will be a proposal and quote for specific deliverables based on this needs assessment, including a detailed description of the services and deliverables to be rendered, and payment terms.

Ready, Set, Go

Upon approval of the proposal, the effort begins. Deliverables will vary, but may include research and reports (market/industry/competitive/foundation), meeting facilitation, presentations, plans, campaigns, communications materials, software implementation, etc.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Frequent and prompt communication and/or approval by all parties throughout all stages of the process is necessary to ensure timely completion of any project.

What Our Clients Think

"I've learned more about this organization in this meeting that I have in the past two years."Peter Neill, Chairman, Ocean Classroom Foundation
"Within the first 24 hours of our initial emailing using our new donor database, we received over $3,000 in donations. Within the next 24 we exceeded our $10,000 campaign goal.
I wish we had done this years ago!"Patricia Zinkowski, Founder, Friends of Thai Daughters
"Susan's expertise and her outside-in approach was exactly what MNLA needed to revitalize our brand."Mary Jesch, President, Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association
"The effectiveness of Susan's work during our first year of operation helped BSSC to
make a big splash on a small budget."Pauline Dion, President, Boothbay Sea and Science Center

Creative Problem Solving

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Just what you need

Our services are quoted on a per-project basis, or are available by objective-specific retainer for a fixed period of time. Contract only for the services or timeframe you need, with confidence in a professional outcome.

Confidentially speaking...

All projects are completed and delivered with confidentiality and discretion, protecting the organization, its board, and its donors. Business clients can be assured of market exclusivity (if we work for you, we won't work for your competitors).

Timing is everything...

We promise timely communication and efficient execution in support of all deadlines. If we don't have an answer, we know how to find someone who does. We're part of a network of independent consultants who share their knowledge and expertise when and where it's needed most.

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Many worthwhile non-profits and small businesses are eager to succeed but lack adequate resources or expertise to enable them to reach their goals and truly benefit their constituencies. Our consulting services model offers these organizations access to experienced professionals with the skills to meet their needs and deadlines on a limited budget.
Some people set out on a career path and would rather stay on that path than choose another. At Comprend, we believe that creativity is nurtured by change. It is not only possible, it is advantageous to work across disciplines. Take, for example, education versus marketing. At first glance they might seem totally different, but in reality they have similar requirements: whether you are an educator or a marketer, you must communicate a particular message to a target audience with the goal of convincing them to consider a new idea or change their behavior in some way. The better you know that audience and their frame of reference, the more effectively you can find a way to reach and persuade them. Our experience in each of these disciplines has improved the quality of the work we deliver to them.
The for profit and non-profit worlds are quite different in numerous ways, yet upon closer examination, they often have similar objectives. Just because an organization has non-profit status doesn't mean they shouldn't be successful. Whether you need to build customer loyalty or build a strong volunteer base; whether you want to cultivate a higher tier of donors or target a new market segment, many of the same principles apply, and many of the essential required skills are readily transferrable. Increased revenue, increased enrollment, increased donations; less time, better processes, lower cost; happier clients, more people helped; it's all about how you measure success.

About the Company

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Whether you're looking for help with a strategy or you need to quickly produce a lot of work in a short timeframe, Comprend has you covered. We are skilled professionals with years of experience in a wide variety of business disciplines. At its core it's about seeing the big picture, understanding the needs and restrictions involved, and implementing cost-effective solutions, campaigns, and programs.

Why Us?

Many worthwhile non-profits and small businesses are eager to succeed but lack adequate resources or expertise to enable them to reach their goals and truly benefit their constituencies. Our consulting services model offers these organizations access to experienced professionals with the skills to meet their needs and deadlines on a limited budget.

Contact Us

Comprend Consulting Services
Susan L. Hodder, President

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56 McKown St., Boothbay harbor, ME 0453

Who Is Behind All This

Susan Hodder

Hermione is one of my heroes. Or my alter ego. Anyway, I was always the eager one in the front row with my hand raised as far as it would go. That enthusiasm has carried me a long way, and Iíve never lost it. In fact, I feel it again every time I meet a new client and hear about the challenges theyíre facing. I canít wait to learn everything I can about them, and bring my experience and expertise to bear to help them succeed. And hopefully it feels just a little bit like magic to them too.

Over the past 20 years, Susan has helped to develop marketing and PR strategies, dozens of websites, marketing materials, advertisements, press releases, databases, events, and sales training programs. During her corporate career, Susan worked for large firms like Compugraphic, Wang, and Computervision, as well as several smaller companies based in the US and Europe. Prior to moving to Maine, she was Vice President for a strategic marketing firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts that specialized in branding, launching, and promoting start-up companies in the high-tech sector.

A Mainer for the past 12 years, Susan has thrown herself passionately into a variety of projects and organizations, including serving on the Board of Directors of the Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Directors of the Opera House in Boothbay Harbor. She is a newly-certified hospice volunteer, and still teaches and directs theater when time and circumstances permit.

In 2008 she began working part time for the Ocean Classroom Foundation, a non-profit experiential education organization offering fully-accredited semesters at sea for high school and college students aboard traditionally rigged schooners. That part time position, assisting with marketing and development, evolved into a full time role as Managing Director. During almost five years with OCF, Susan was responsible for dramatic increases in student enrollment and Annual Appeal donations. She is presently on the board of the Boothbay Sea and Science Center, a new community-based non-profit experiential education center which she is helping to create.

Her non-profit experience includes communications and PR, organization-wide business analysis, operations management, fundraising campaigns and annual appeals, grant research and writing, donor database implementation and management, and event coordination.